Friday, January 15, 2010

Traveling tips

Many people fear gaining weight while traveling but there are some simple things you can do when traveling to start your day off right, feel good about yourself and burn a few extra calories.

Beach location: take an early am jog on the beach working in some walking lunges, practice some yoga poses and take in the beauty of it all and/or do some ab work (crunches, v-ups, suitcase crunches, plank, on your towel in the sand.

Anywhere: Find a few extra stairs and jog up and down them a few times.

You can also do the below workout anywhere you have a little space and time.

Repeat this sequence 3 times
-March in place 1 min
-drop down and do 5 push-ups
-forward alternating lunges (15 each side)

Repeat this sequence 3 times
-jumping jacks 1 min
-drop down and hold plank for 1 minute or do 1 minute of crunches
-15 squats

This won't take you long but will give you the perfect energy boost to get your body ready to roll through wherever your travels lead you :) PS- don't forget to stretch!

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  1. Great tips! I competed at Fitness America with you (it was my 1st show!), and blog as well. Hope all is wonderful, and belated-Happy New Year!