Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Digging for Motivation...

So living in New England has it's ups and downs, one of the downs being the WEATHER! It has rained the whole month of June and I'm seeing a lack of motivation in my clients and believe it or not myself. So how do we get past this? Whether you are loosing motivation because you just want to enjoy the Summer months with friends, are too busy at work, are not seeing the results you want, or rainy days have you down... there is a way out of this hump.
First you need to remind yourself of your goal. Why you want to get there and how you are going to accomplish it. Visually think of how you will feel and look when you have reached your goal. Is it to be 10 pounds thinner, is it to have leaner legs and glutes, is it to simply have more energy and feel more confident? If you have met your goal before this should be easy, however if you have not, you can still think of how you will feel when there. The joy and confidence you will feel knowing you accomplished your goal, the energy you will have, the happier you will be around others and your families etc.

Another tip on goals is to tell someone you trust and confide in. By telling someone you are committing to your goal and can't procrastinate when someone asks you how your doing with progress. It's easier to lie or put things off in our own heads, but by owning up to your goals and having a buddy check-in with make you be honest with them and yourself ;)

Secondly, treat yourself- no not with food but with some fabulous new gym clothes! A new pair of pants or top that make you feel good and will make you feel good in the gym. This is a good temporary fix to building your confidence. I personally love LuLuLemon and PrAna because the material is nice and thick and pulls everything in (they look great too!)

Lastly, load up the iPod or MP3 player with new tunes that will get you moving. I know if I have a new playlist on my iPod it excites me listen to it and see the drive it gives me in the gym to get things done. Another great technology tool is the iPod alarm doc- where you can plug your iPod into the doc and wake up to the song of your choice...a great way to get moving and motivated in the am! Keep your gym clothes in your car or by your bed too for easy access to them so you'll be sure not to miss a workout!

Good luck with your goals this month everyone! GET OUT THERE AND LIVE :)

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  1. I am so glad I just found your blog! I read through most of your posts and I just love your uplifting encouraging words!! Can't wait to read more.